March 31, 2015

Maybe you think of prawns as a Christmas thing – but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them at Easter time as well.

Many families tend to eat seafood on Good Friday anyway, though they might not always think of prawns. Local fisherman Gary Howard trawls for prawns from November to May, so Easter falls nicely within the season.

In this time, Gary and his wife Peta work their trawler along the Hawkesbury every weekday. It’s a family business. Gary’s father did the job before him, but there’s no sign of the river running out of supply.

After the table-quality prawns are handpicked off the tray – the rest are sold as bait – Gary hand-delivers them to butcheries around the Hawkesbury. Pick them up fresh before Easter at Munro’s Quality Meats, Wilberforce or the South Windsor Butchery, then serve them with a simple dipping sauce. Yum.

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