May 24, 2016

Space for the kids to play and the opportunity to build her dream home convinced Jeana Cannone, owner of Jeana’s Country Spa in PItt Town, to buy at Vermont.

“Vermont is a beautiful community and we are lucky to have such lovely neighbours,” she says.

The busy mum lives at Vermont with her husband Luke, three-year-old son Raphael and 10-month-old daughter, Valencia.

“I love working and playing at Vermont, and my business is an extension of my home – my team of therapists feel like part of the family,” she says.

Jeana’s family are also locals, and having grown up at Pitt Town, she says she loves that Vermont offers the closeness to her family, a space for their kids to play and the
opportunity for her and Luke to build their dream family home, remaining close to the business.

She says she enjoyed the 10-month building process, working with Beechwood Homes to create a four bedroom, single-storey home featuring a large open-plan living space and private backyard for the kids.

“I love our quality of lifestyle at Vermont,” says Jeana.

“The fully serviced blocks, with NBN and gas already taken care of, was a drawcard for us. I also liked that the blocks aren’t so close together as other estates,” she says.

Jeana says she recommends that others embarking on their build remember to enjoy the process.

“It can feel slow at the time as you are excited to move in, but the build really does go by so fast!” she says.

Jeana says on reflection, she would have taken the time to add even more flair to her home.

“Take your time to pick out colours and styles for your home and have fun doing it,” she says.

Jeana’s business philosophy is to focus on beauty, both inside and outside.

“We work in a very giving industry. At the spa, we want our clients to feel special and pampered, giving them a service that touches them inside as well as making them look gorgeous on the outside!” she says.

Having started her career as a beauty therapist, Jeana worked in hair and makeup for the TV and film industry before starting her own business six years ago.

And when Jeana isn’t working, she loves to sing and can be found at the Vineyard Church, leading the congregation.

“It’s a huge part of my life,” she says.

“I find the church very real and relaxed, and I am passionate about it.”

Jeana’s tips for winter skin

Winter skincare
Your skin and hair needs extra support during the colder months, says Jeana from Jeana’s Country Spa. Here are some hot winter tips…

Escape the dryness
Dry skin promotes wrinkles, so make sure your skin doesn’t dry out as you move from heated houses to windy weather outside. I recommend using a nourishing night cream like Lift Creator Night Cream. It doesn’t feel too heavy but gives the skin what it needs without being oily or clogging.

Treat your hair
Your hair can also suffer from dryness in winter, so consider giving the ends a moisturising treatment for an extra boost in addition to conditioning.
MUK’s one-minute miracle treatment is perfect for busy mums!

Don’t forget the lips!
My favourite beauty tip for winter lip care is to apply your eye cream to your lips before you go to bed. It will nourish and rehydrate your lips!

SPF still so important
It might not be beach weather but your skin is still vulnerable to sun damage in winter. Don’t forget to add an extra SPF product to your daily beauty routine in addition to your moisturiser, even if it contains an SPF, as the moisturiser sits on the top surface of your skin and doesn’t sink into the skin’s layer as sunscreens do. Try using a BB Cream which combines an SPF and a lightweight tint as a great sun shield option.
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Photo by Belinda Walkom Photography

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