July 12, 2016

On our doorstep is the beautiful Scheyville National Park, which unites the best of the outdoors, with lots of opportunities for birdwatching, easy walks, cycling and horse riding.

Scheyville has a rich cultural history and is on the NSW State Heritage Register, recognised for its many important historical remnants from a colonial cooperative farm to a post World War II migrant camp.

Longneck Lagoon is in the north west corner of the park and features a 4km walking track in a loop, which hugs the banks of the small permanent freshwater wetland.

“It has one very big attraction: birds,” says the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

“Over 140 species have been recorded at the park, with at least 42 species using the wetland on a regular basis, seven of which are protected by international treaty.

“Surrounded by pleasant forest and offering a tranquil place perfect for walking with children, Longneck Lagoon walking track lets visitors engage with the area’s wildlife both safely and respectfully.”

Bring your camera and binoculars! As you walk beside the water, expect to see ducks, grebes, spoonbills and cormorants from the good vantage points on this easy two-hour walk.

Longneck Lagoon is in the northern precinct of Scheyville National Park, Cattai Road. Parking is off Cattai Road, just before the bridge over Longneck Creek. Access to the walking track is via a sty over the boundary fence.

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