September 13, 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure”, a new exhibition at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Windsor, brings together a diverse group of artists to investigate the medium and meaning of contemporary book arts, including the book as object, as media and as a site of resistance.

The exhibition will run until October 30 and has four components.

The first is Shaun Tan’s “The Art of Story Discovering the Lost Thing (Book to Film)”, in which visitors can see how the popular children’s book “The Lost Thing” was created and then became an Oscar-winning film.

“Visitors will see the work behind the work, including the original painted and collaged illustrations for the book, the character sketches, storyboards and the final short animation,” says the gallery’s spokesperson.

The second component is Kylie Stillman’s, “Local Branch”, an installation specially created for this exhibition using books “weeded” from the Hawkesbury Library collection.

The work features more than 500 books that have been intricately carved, examining the lifecycle of trees and books.

“Since her time as a student, Stillman has enjoyed the challenge of finding materials and pigments from the ‘real world’ to create an artwork, and is best known for her book sculptures and woodcarvings,” the gallery says.

The third component is a display of artist’s books from the Manly Library collection.

“Manly Library’s biennial Artist’s Book Award has provided an opportunity to develop a significant collection while contributing to the development and awareness of this energetic emerging contemporary art form,” says the gallery.

Entries are received from around the world, marking this a globally recognised event.

The final component is a display of works titled “Lost Things” by Year 5 pupils from Kurrajong Public School in the small exhibition space.

The exhibition will continue until Tuesday, October 30 at 300 George Street, Windsor (first floor).

Monday, Wednesday-Friday 10am-4pm, Closed Tuesdays and public holidays. Weekends 10am-3pm. Visit

Shaun Tan, from the animation, “The Lost Thing” (distributed by Madman)

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