September 27, 2016

For a great experience that highlights the best of the Aboriginal art in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, step out on the Aboriginal Heritage walk. Combining Resolute and West Head walking tracks, you’ll encounter historic rock engravings and art of the Guringai people, the traditional owners of this land.

You can chose to do an easy 1km return walk to Red Hands Cave and the rock engravings, or the full 4.4km loop which can be steep and rough in parts, and takes around three hours to complete.

Within a 10-minute walk along the track, you’ll come across the best-known ancient Aboriginal art site in the park, Red Hands Cave. Nearby, as you continue on the track, there are impressive rock engravings, and further down the hill you’ll discover an historic occupation shelter. During the colder months, families would light a fire inside, warming the stones and themselves.

The people of West Head were virtually decimated by an outbreak of smallpox within a year of the arrival of the First Fleet. Pause for a moment in this beautiful bushland to reflect and pay respects.

Continue around the loop track to the impressive views from West Head lookout before heading back to Resolute picnic area for lunch.

  • The Aboriginal rock art and engravings along this walk are of great cultural and historical significance and are very delicate. Please don’t touch or interfere with the artworks.
  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out, remember to take a hat, and bring plenty of water.
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch!

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