October 28, 2014

Karen Borg didn’t plan to be making goat’s cheese.

When she and husband David moved to their property in Wilberforce with their two young daughters 15 years ago, they brought a couple of cows with them. But their small acreage couldn’t sustain them, so they bought some goats from a friend up the road, along with a book on cheesemaking, and Willowbrae Chevre was born.

As Karen explained to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food, “We’d always loved goat’s cheese. But the only stuff you could buy was imported and it wasn’t that great. So I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a go.”

General consensus is that Karen’s cheese is pretty good, if three silver medals at the Royal Melbourne Show is any indication.

These days, Karen and her daughter Kate run their 60 Toggenburg and Anglo-Nubian cross goats and produce their range of award-winning chevre cheeses, from fresh curd and marinated fetta, to the Vineyard – a six-month-aged white and blue mould cheese. They’ve even expanded into other products – yoghurt, butter, milk, gelati and smoothies – but their plans are to keep the business small, local and family-run.

“It’s all about the quality of the product,” says Karen. “Unless I have total control over it, I’m not happy.”

You can find the Borgs and their range of products at fresh produce and growers markets in and around Sydney or visit their website.

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