September 13, 2017

Location: Pitt Town

Why is Vermont different to other land release sites?
The Vermont master-planned estate provides the perfect combination of accessibility to city living and the healthy lifestyle of a rural setting. Vermont’s footprint encompasses five different precincts, Blighton, Riverland, Central, Bona Vista and Fernville. The next stage to be developed is within the Central precinct, providing 29 large living, 1500sqm+ (minimum) lots.

Who paid for the land to be rezoned?
The land rezoning costs were paid for entirely by Johnson Property Group saving property owners a substantial sum of money, yet enabling the owners to instantly reap the financial benefits of a land-value increase due to the change in zone.

Has Johnson Property Group paid money owed to council as part of its voluntary planning agreement contributions?
No. Johnson Property Group does not have a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) with Council. Johnson Property Group has a Voluntary Planning Agreement with the Minister for Planning, and has contributed the required funds by the Minister towards state and regional infrastructure.

What contributions has Johnson Property Group paid Council?
For each lot developed at Pitt Town, Johnson Property Group has contributed Section 94 Contributions to Hawkesbury Council. (Section 94 Developer Contributions are levies used to fund the design and construction of new local infrastructure to support the growth in population and meet the demands of the new development. It can include a combination of land acquisition, monetary contributions or works in kind.)

What land contributions has Johnson Property Group provided Council?
Johnson Property Group has transferred the following land to Council:

  • Bona Vista Passive Open Space – 2.68ha
  • Fernadell Active Open Space – 5ha
  • Fernadell Community Centre – 0.43ha

Part of Blighton Riverside Park (1.607ha) will be transferred to Council in the near future.

What works has Johnson Property Group provided to council?
Johnson Property Group has embellished Bona Vista Park, and constructed Bootles Lane, and parts of Fernadell Drive, Stables, Hall and Hawkesbury Streets.

What has Johnson Property Group paid to council in cash contributions?
Johnson Property Group has paid Council around $6.6million in Section 94 cash contributions towards:

  • Preliminary Investigation Plans
  • Land Acquisition
  • Community Facilities
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Park Improvements
  • Roadworks

The Section 94 Contribution amount levied by Council is as per the Council adopted Hawkesbury Section 94 Contribution Plan 2015.

Land owners each paid $42,000 to Johnson Property Group and the state government for infrastructure?
Not true. Contributions to state infrastructure are paid by Johnson Property Group.

Why does Johnson Property Group own the sewerage system at Pitt Town?
Johnson Property Group doesn’t own the sewerage system at Pitt Town, it’s owned by Pitt Town Water Pty Ltd. Johnson Property Group does own the spare capacity of that Pitt Town Water sewerage system as it funded the entire construction of this two-stage alternative network.

Why hasn’t Bona Vista Park been maintained?
Johnson Property Group embellished Bona Vista Park to Council’s requirements and then handed the ownership of the park over to Council. For several years now it has been the responsibility of Council to maintain the park.

When will playing fields and a community centre be constructed?
In October 2014 Johnson Property Group transferred the land that will house playing fields and the community centre to Council. We also paid Council the required Section 94 cash contributions toward the construction of the facilities. Responsibility for the delivery of the playing fields and the community centre now rests with Council.

Why hasn’t a boat ramp and car park been constructed?
Due to the position taken by one of the landowners controlling one of the precincts, Johnson Property Group no longer has interest in all of the precincts as detailed in the original approved Concept Plan. Johnson Property Group, as part of the Concept Plan application, volunteered to deliver this infrastructure as part of developing all of the precincts. The development of the final precinct would have funded the construction of a boat ramp and carpark. As Johnson Property Group no longer controls this final precinct the delivery of this infrastructure is delayed.

Why hasn’t Punt Road been upgraded?
Johnson Property Group had previously agreed to upgrade Punt Road, at its own cost, and as a sign of community goodwill. As above, funds for the upgrade are linked to the development of land in this 5th and final Concept Plan approved precinct. Whilst Johnson Property Group has secured development consent and construction approvals from Council to upgrade the road, its delivery is also delayed.

What has Johnson Property Group done to improve Pitt Town?
We are pleased to report that all residents of Pitt Town have benefited from the works Johnson Property Group has undertaken in the area.

We’ve upgraded water supply and capacity.
Johnson Property Group has increased the water capacity by constructing a new feeder water main, extending from the Windsor & Pitt Town Roads intersection all the way to Pitt Town. This was delivered to Sydney Water standards and provides increased pressure and security of supply to the old and new areas of Pitt Town.

We’ve created a more reliable power supply.
Power supply and outages were common in Pitt Town, even before Johnson Property Group delivered its first land at Pitt Town. However, we were required to install a high- voltage electricity supply, directly from the Windsor zone substation (in Macquarie Street, Windsor) all the way to Pitt Town. Similarly, this increased security of supply to the new and old Pitt Town.

We’ve increased the sewerage system capacity.
Johnson Property Group funded the construction of part of the upgrade to the Hawkesbury Council sewerage system at Pitt Town. This has benefited the existing home owners in the original Pitt Town village. All sewage from the original village of Pitt Town is diverted into this new system and pumped to the McGraths Hill Waste Water Treatment Facility.

(The remainder of the sewerage system, that services new homes in Pitt Town, was also funded by Johnson Property Group. This is the recycled sewerage system that is operated by Pitt Town Water. Whilst Pitt Town Water owns the recycled water plant, Johnson Property Group owns all of the capacity within this system.)

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