May 5, 2015

Moving can be one of the biggest journeys there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But the road is always easier if you’re traveling with a good map. Get a head start by planning and seeing moving as an opportunity to organise and purge. To help you get on your way we have put together some tips to make the move a little easier and more efficient so you are ready to enjoy your new abode.

1. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials

Make the first couple of days a little more comfortable by ensuring your essentials are easily accessible. Include your toiletries, pyjamas, a change of clothes for the next day and other necessary items.

2. Pack the items you need first in a clear tub

This clear plastic tub will stand out from the myriad of cardboard boxes and should contain items you will use within the first few days such as scissors to open your boxes, phone chargers, toilet paper and a selection of frequently used cookware.

3. Wrap your breakables in clothing or towels

Save on the purchase and disposal of bubble wrap by packing your dishes, glasses and other breakables into clothing or towels.

4. Label your boxes by its contents and also by room

Unpacking by room can feel more manageable and less overwhelming. Identify boxes even when stacked by labelling all sides including the top.

5. Pack your plates vertically

Instead of stacking your plates on top of each other, pack them vertically with plenty of padding to fill the box and minimise pressure and movement.

6. Keep your drawers intact by covering them in cling wrap

Dresser drawers are like their own moving boxes. Wrap them in cling wrap to keep them intact. Leave lighter items in them to save packing and unpacking them.

7. Keep sandwich bags handy for holding any small parts of things you have to take apart

Place any small parts such as bolts and screws from a mounted flat screen television into a zip lock sandwich bag. Then tape the bag to the back of the object they correspond to.

8. The fastest way to pack a closet

To pack hanging clothes leave them on the hangers and put a plastic garbage bag around the bottom of them. This will save you time and make unpacking much easier.

9. Create permanent organisational solutions

Begin saving your toilet rolls a month or so before you move so you can put them in a box to act as cases for your cords and solve the problem of tangling cords or wires.

10. Use suitcases for your heaviest items

Use any spare suitcases for heavy items like books or toys. Suitcases with wheels are ideal for moving because they are easy to transport and are very durable.

11. Take photos of complicated set ups

Take photos of complicated set ups for quick reference once you have moved in. Photos may be of cables in the back of your television or computer.

12. Go for a daily walk

Once you’re in your new place, get some fresh air and take a walk in the neighbourhood every evening. This will help alleviate any stress, is a great way to meet new neighbours and see what’s in the area.

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