September 9, 2014

It truly is a season of new beginnings, with a lot of activity happening across all three precincts.

Spring will usher in our latest and final release within the Fernville precinct – The Meadows. We are looking forward to welcoming 17 new families to these blocks, which range in size from 550m² to 650m², with views to an expansive future park. The VIP Release Day for The Meadows took place on 31 August.

The Willows is our next release within the Bona Vista precinct. The VIP Release Day is set for Sunday 21 September, and this release will include enormous 1,000m² blocks designed for growing families and allowing for sprawling backyards.

Construction has already started on our next release within the Riverland precinct, and includes a selection of traditional 2,000m². Riverland blocks and some larger acreage blocks. Look out for more details on this release towards the end of spring.

Expect more at Vermont

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