October 7, 2014

Spring is here! And if that thought fills you with a little panic over getting back into your bikini or board shorts, we have the answer.

Body Addiction boot camps will be running all spring and summer at Bona Vista Park, and Daniel and Michele will have you ship-shape in no time – no matter what stage you’re at.

A typical session starts with a warm-up to prepare you for the actual workout, and if you have an injury the instructor will hone in on the area to ensure no further damage is done.

The session itself could involve anything from boxing and weight training to fitness games and interval training. You’ll never know what the next session will have you doing – helping you stay motivated because you’ll never be bored!

Body Addiction Bootcamp will be starting its summer 9 week cycle on the 20th of October!

Morning sessions will be run at 6:30am and 10:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Evening sessions will be run every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm and 7pm. Opening first week Special $5 per person per session for the whole week! Registration is essential so please log onto www.bodyaddiction.com.au and follow the bootcamp registration prompts!

Or call us
Daniel 0423 644 011
Michele 0405 449 279

If you’re keen to get going now, here are three simple ways to kick-start your springtime regimen at home:

  1. Get out! A simple 30-60 minute walk is the perfect way to wake up the body, get you into a great mood and get you out of the house. Why not take the family with you and explore the neighbourhood.
  2. Step away from the burger. Fast food like burgers and chips will leave you thirsty and bloated. Instead, eat fresh and wholesome foods that will make you feel better and help you look great. The nutrients and vitamins found in vegies, salads, eggs and fresh meats are much more satisfying and filling.
  3. Drink up! By which we mean water, not vino. You should be aiming for 2-3 litres of water every day.

Finding a few minutes each day for core exercises can pay dividends in the long term, but incorrect technique can hinder results. Make space in the lounge room or head outside to give this tried and tested exercise a GO.

Push ups – an oldie but a goodie

Step 1: Get into a kneeling position, then bend forward and place your hands on the floor, slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Shoulders should be on top of the wrists, with fingers close together and pointed straight forward. Arms should be straight, but not locked at the elbows.

Step 2: Step your feet back, one at a time (for a full push up – otherwise you can just stay where you are). Your feet should be 2-5cm apart and your body should make a straight line – no raised bums or curved backs.

Step 3: Cross your feet at the ankles and keep your body in a straight line, much like the posture in Step 2. Keep your head as part of this straight line – don’t let it dip below your shoulders.

Step 4: Inhale while you lower yourself to the floor. Your goal should be to almost, but not quite, touch your chest (not head) to the ground. As a general rule, stop the motion when your elbows reach a 90-degree angle.

Step 5: Exhale as you push back upward. Maintain the same straight-line form and don’t lock your elbows as you reach the top of your push up.

Step 6: Before repeating, check your form to make sure you haven’t shifted your body position after the effort of the first push up. Do three sets of 10 push ups, giving yourself time to rest between each one.

Try doing three sets three times a week, increasing the number of push ups in each set to 12 if you feel comfortable.

Of course being active and working out goes hand in hand with having a balanced diet. For some beautiful ingredients to use in your meals, we sourced some fresh produce in the local area. Check out in our previous post – Julie’s kitchen in Spring.

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