August 23, 2015

My name is Keith Johnson, founder of Johnson Property Group.  I am writing this letter following the article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph as well as recent radio reports, and I am extremely concerned with what seems to be occurring.

There appear to have been off the plan land sales by other developers that are unable to provide reticulated sewerage services to these lots. I have also heard that in many cases the land is being sold without so much as an approved Development Application.  I fear that those developers will undermine all of the good work to date of Johnson Property Group and furthermore damage the excellent reputation of Pitt Town.

Johnson Property Group is the lead developer at Pitt Town and has spent millions of dollars and many years of hard work building the Vermont Estate, located at Pitt Town and also helping Pitt Town to become the prestigious area that it is today. During this time, we have provided timely and high quality infrastructure to Vermont which includes items such as Electricity, Stormwater, NBN, Potable Water, Recycled Water, Gas, Sewerage and a Park.

Having funded 100% of the cost of certain services (for example, sewer), the capacity of the services are solely allocated to Johnson Property Group.

In particular, Johnson Property Group funded a privately owned Local Water Centre in Bootles lane called Pitt Town Water Centre, which was built by and is operated by Flow Systems. We created this facility at great expense to service every single block of land that Johnson Property Group own. I would like to stress that ONLY blocks developed by Johnson Property Group or those blocks with the express permission of Johnson Property Group will have access to this service.

I have consistently and clearly relayed this message to those developers who have approached me regarding access to our infrastructure.

It is in these circumstances that I am concerned to hear that contracts have been exchanged with deposits taken on land which   cannot be serviced.

I urge anyone who has already bought a block of land and who feels they may be affected by this problem to seek unequivocal assurances from their Vendor in their ability and willingness to meet their obligations as to timely delivery of a fully serviced allotment.  If you have any doubts my advice to you would be to contact your solicitor or to contact the Department of Fair Trading through their hotline on – 13 32 20 and state that you want to lodge a property real estate complaint.

I further urge anyone tempted to buy a block of land off the plan to do the appropriate investigations into the site before they commit to the purchase, ensuring the land does have access to the appropriate services and has the appropriate authority approvals prior to signing any contracts.

If my team at Vermont can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 888 888.

Kind Regards,

Keith Johnson.


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