September 2, 2014

If some buildings or streets in our local area look a little familiar, it’s because this is a popular spot for TV and film productions. So if you’d like to take a ‘Hollywood Tour’ of Pitt Town and its surrounds, check out the following locations:

Remember A Country Practice – One of Australia’s longest-running local drama series? Well, most of the outdoor scenes of Wandin Valley were actually filmed in and around Pitt Town and Ebenezer. Scot’s Church in Pitt Town, built in 1862, was the Wandin Valley church, and Frank and Shirley Gilroy lived in the heritage house opposite Pitt Town Public School – the house that appeared in the opening credits.

The show’s Muldoon’s Store is actually at the intersection of the main streets of Pitt Town (Church and Bathurst), and is now a garage with petrol pumps, while the Wandin Valley Store is now the Bird in Hand Pub – known for its amazing pies. The Country Practice clinic is a private home on the corner of Arndell and North Court, and the farm that was Molly’s is located near the intersection of St John’s and Cattai Ridge roads. (When the show moved to Network Ten, the filming location moved to the Dandenongs in Victoria.)

Meanwhile, although you may associate Home and Away with Sydney’s northern beaches, St James’ Church in Pitt Town was used as Summer Bay’s church, and became the backdrop of many memorable weddings, including Frank and Roo’s.

On the big screen, when Toni Collette filmed The Black Balloon in 2008, many scenes were shot at the UWS Hawkesbury Campus swimming pool. Also, the 2004 movie The Oyster Farmer was filmed around Brooklyn and the upper Hawkesbury River.

You may have seen a beautiful 1919 Model T Ford Centre Door on the streets of Pitt Town – and on the screen in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatbsy! It belongs to local resident Richard Day, who has built up an impressive collection of eight Model T Fords over the past 35 years. Richard takes them for a spin once a month with the Model T Ford Car club, and is always happy to help fellow enthusiasts out with his a large collection of parts and accessories.

Next time you have a weekend free, pack a picnic and take your own Hollywood tour of the local area.

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