June 10, 2014

A community like ours needs a heart – a place where we can get together, spend time with friends and family, meet new neighbours and share all the things that make life at Vermont so special.

So it was wonderful to see that gathering taking place in all its glory on Sunday 27 April at the Bona Vista Park Open Day. Thank you to all the families (and especially the kids) who came along and made the day one to remember for all of us.

We have recently seen new settlements completed in The Vines in Fernville and The Orchards in Bona Vista. It’s exciting to see new houses become homes as families move in.

The much-anticipated VIP Release Day for The Ferns in Fernville is happening this weekend, on Sunday 15th June. With blocks ranging from 550 to 650m2 in size, it is the perfect opportunity to make Vermont your new home and enjoy the best of life by the Hawkesbury. This is the perfect size of land for first-home buyers, and by the end of the year we expect that all Fernville blocks will be sold. So if you’ve been thinking about making your home at Vermont, please register now.

If you’re looking for something a little larger on which to build your dream home then you could be in for a good surprise. We are finalising a few elements with a limited release of a highly sort-after land size within the Bona Vista precinct. Stay tuned.

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