February 13, 2014

One of my favourite books/movies is The Power of One. There is a line in the movie, “a waterfall starts with one drop and look at what comes from it”. Well a community is exactly the same. It starts with one family, one backyard BBQ, one child ridding their bike on the street, one canoe being paddled on the river, and before long a community has formed and neighbours become friends.

At Vermont, our first drop was Craig Leeson and his family. They were the first family to purchase at Vermont in the Bona Vista precinct and moved in the month of September 2009. We thought we’d catch up with Craig and see how his new community has developed.

“It was great when we first arrived, it was like we had our own acreage with wide open spaces!” he says. He’s seen the new village grow around him, and they’ve even added to it with his children buying two blocks of their own land in nearby streets.

The Leesons decided to build their dream home here, moving from nearby McGraths Hill, in 2009. “It’s a good area, nice and quiet, and a lovely rural setting, but I can still work in Sydney.”

Craig works in North Ryde and says the commute is even better now the M2 has been widened.

“We really liked the larger blocks and we’re looking forward to the facilities to come – the boat ramp and walkways along the river will bring more people in too.”

Craig’s builder, Mark Douglas, is a local from Pitt Town. He has been kept busy on many of the new builds, including those for Craig’s children, and Craig says his home has become a showhouse of sorts for Mark. He comments that the attention to detail and workmanship – along with the insulation – always impress their friends.

“It could be 38 degrees outside, but we almost never need to run the air-conditioning. It’s cool inside all summer, and that’s important to us,” says Craig. “I think people want to build a better type of home here.”

Craig says they all enjoy fishing and picnics on the river, and now his daughter’s boyfriend has a boat they’ve made the most of it all summer.

“Most of all, we like the quietness here. This is a rural community hidden away within the Sydney district, and the people are friendly as well.”

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