January 27, 2015

Every year, Vermont households save between 350,000 and 600,000 litres of drinking water. That’s the equivalent of 1-2 swimming pools!

How is it possible? Well, whenever you use water at home, you’re tapping into Pitt Town Water – a unique sustainable water network that put Vermont on the map as one of Australia’s first water-recycling communities.

Wastewater from your kitchen sink, bathroom and toilet is harvested and sent to the Pitt Town Water Centre. There, the water is purified and refined to the highest Australian standards, and sent back out into the community.

You can then use that recycled water for cleaning, washing and watering the garden. This saves you money and stops up to 70 per cent of our precious drinking water from being wasted on lower-grade uses.

The reused water also beautifies our public gardens, lawns and sporting fields. Plus, purifying and reusing water prevents it from being pumped out to sea, polluting oceans and creating carbon emissions.

“We’re proud to say that Vermont sets a global best practice for water sustainability,” says Lisa McLean from Flow Systems, the parent company of Pitt Town Water.

“In fact, it’s been so successful we’re emulating it in new developments across Australia,” she says.

The innovative water recycling system future-proofs and drought-proofs the entire Vermont community, providing a secure water source for everyone who lives and works here.

“All the water on earth is recycled by nature, and we all use the exact same water we’ve used for millions of years. Now technology allows us to do the same, by harvesting every single drop of the water we use,” says Lisa.

It’s clear the system has made Vermont residents more water-wise.

4 reasons to love recycled water

  1. Saves up to 70 per cent of your drinking water – about 6 months’ worth!
  2. Zero water restrictions – use water whenever you want.
  3. Saves energy and ecosystems – water isn’t released into far-away waterways.
  4. Boosts property values – makes your home innovative, self-sufficient and self-enduring.

For more information visit pitttownwater.com.au

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