March 15, 2016

Land prices in Pitt Town rose considerably last year, according to a report from the Valuer General for the “Hawkesbury Gazette”, stating typical land values for a selection of Hawkesbury suburbs.

The analysis shows that typical land values rose across most Hawkesbury locations during the 12 months to June 30.

According to the report, the typical value of a large lot of residential land measuring 2.1 hectares on Wells Street, Pitt Town, rose the most, growing 68 per cent.

“The typical value of a piece of rural residential land measuring 7.3 hectares on Speets Road in Oakville rose 60 per cent.”

“Also in Oakville, typical valued land on Midson Road rose 56 per cent, and land on Old Pitt Town and Wolseley Roads rose 33 per cent,” says the “Hawkesbury Gazette”.

Local real estate agent, Hamish Rogers, says that in all his 15 years in Pitt Town, he never foresaw such growth.

“I am still comprehending the great demand and enthusiasm for the area, which is beyond expectations!” says Hamish.

Hamish attributes this to the economy of Sydney and the Hills District. He says that semi-retirees and successful young families are particularly attracted to Vermont’s larger land blocks, larger streets and more fresh air.

“The proximity to the river is another major drawcard for buyers,” he says.

“The good thing about Pitt Town is that we will never be part of a ‘super city’. Pitt Town is surrounded by natural acreage and the river and floodplains act as a “moat” to ensure we will never have another developing suburb on our doorstep,” he says.

This will help keep the numbers down and the prices up, says Hamish.

Expect more at Vermont

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