June 14, 2016

Sales of land at Vermont have experienced phenomenal growth recently, indicated by a recent land sale in Riverland which made over $1m, according to Managing Director of Johnson Property Group, Keith Johnson.

Mr Johnson told News Local in May: “Personally, I’m delighted that Pitt Town has enjoyed such growth in being recognised as one of Australia’s strongest growth suburbs.”

Many families who purchased as little as five years ago are now experiencing values of 122 per cent more than their original purchase price.

Keith says another top sale negotiated by the developer’s on-site sales agent was a 2000m2 block for $968,888 in March.

“A block of the same size within Vermont sold in January 2013 for $585,000, which is a massive 65 per cent profit,” he says.

Johnson Property Group says it offers high-quality living for its residents, including bigger blocks, wider streets, more access to services and more lifestyle choices.

“I’m literally making families millionaires just by getting the fundamentals right in developing high-quality, master-planned communities,” says Keith.

Local real estate agent Hamish Rogers agrees that prices in Vermont have been highly successful, citing many of his recent sales that have sold well into the $900,000 price bracket.

He says he has seen a number of clients selling their smaller blocks in Vermont and capitalising on their investment, enabling them to buy a larger block still on the estate.

“We’ve seen a natural progression at Vermont, people who have got in early and are now cashing in their smaller home to buy a bigger block at Riverland,” he says.

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