February 3, 2015

Evan and Amy Graham moved to Vermont in April 2013 when they started to outgrow their current home in The Ponds.

“We had built the house ourselves, but with two active young children we were running out of room,” says Amy. “We started looking into Vermont because we have a plumbing business, Limcora Pty Ltd, located down the road in Mulgrave. We were blown away by the obvious sense of community in the area.”

Finding a block of land that suited their desire to put in a pool and have a larger backyard for their two girls, Mia and Sienna, the couple made the move and haven’t looked back.

“We love living here! I really like the small-town vibe – everyone is so welcoming and the girls have made good friends with children on the street, which is fantastic. They play outside together, come over and we are friendly with the parents, too,” says Amy.

“It’s something we’ve never had before and it really makes the place feel like home. We know that when we go away on holiday or for the business, there’ll be people watching over the house for us, helping to water the plants and feed the animals – it’s a nice feeling.”

The family are even starting to build a bit of a profile in the area due to Evan’s relentless pursuit of the perfect lawn.

“People actually pull over to knock on the door and ask whether it’s real or fake!” says Evan. “I can assure you it’s very real and there’s no secret to my success, just me and my roller mower and a bit of TLC.”

Expect more at Vermont

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