January 20, 2015

Looking for something a little different to do with the kids over the summer holidays?

Build your own billy cart

Here’s a simple DIY project that could lead to hours of good old-fashioned fun with their friends – because riding your very own billy cart is a lot more fun than a virtual race on the PS4 or Xbox.

The biggest challenge is getting some wheels. Big wheels make it easier to push along a flat street, so look for an old pram or jogging stroller that needs upcycling. If you no longer have one gathering dust in the shed, head to the nearest op shop (or start stalking the local garage sales now!).

You also need a seat, a simple steering mechanism and brakes (although many carts just rely on you using your feet to stop, which can wreak havoc on kids’ shoes). Improvise with found things – old chairs, toy steering wheels, bike brakes. Have a look at YouTube clips if you need inspiration!

Then it’s time to have a go. Practise on small hills until you get the hang of steering and stopping, and make sure you use a bike helmet (especially for races). Any scrapes or bumps will be worn proudly as medals of billy cart honour.

DIY fun Slip ’n’ Slide

If you need a quick way to cool down, especially if there’s a gang of kids in the backyard, buy some plastic sheeting at the hardware store for a cheap and easy slip ’n’ slide. Spread it on the grass, squirt some baby shampoo over it and turn on a sprinkler. Just check there’s no rocks or hazards underneath or close by, as it can get pretty slippery very fast!

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