June 30, 2015

There might be nothing quite like sitting in front of a roaring log fire in the middle of winter, but as nice as a traditional fireplace is, it might not be the most economical or energy efficient way to heat your home. Glenn Mavin from Mavbuilt Homes gives us some tips on keeping out those creeping chills.

“We’ve built six homes in the Vermont Estate,” says Glenn. “And we’ve got another four in the works. Our clients usually heat their homes with gas heaters, air conditioning or gas fireplaces, and we always include wall and ceiling insulation.”

If you’re building and looking for ways to make your new home more energy efficient, Glenn recommends setting it up with solar panels, LED downlights, and an air conditioning system with a higher energy efficiency rating.

And once your heating and insulation is set up, there are some simple everyday actions you can take to keep your house toasty and free of chills, to save on energy, and to keep the winter energy bills down.

“Using heavy curtains, closing off rooms that are not in use, and making sure all windows and doors are sealed properly to restrict draughts will all help keep your home warm. You can also consider increasing your insulation rating. One of the main ways that cold can enter the home is through glazing, so installing double-glazed windows can make a big difference.”

And if you’re still dreaming about that fireplace, there’s no reason you can’t have it, as long as it’s incorporated well into your home.

“A fireplace is best suited to a home with an open floorplan,” says Glenn. “In the homes that we’ve built with fireplaces, the clients have all designed their living and entertaining areas around the fireplace. Double-sided fireplaces are popular at the moment. They’re more of a visual thing – they look fantastic if you’re dividing two rooms or using them as a feature in the middle of a large living area.”

Mavbuilt Homes uses gas and timber fireplaces from Hawkesbury Heating.

You can see various heating options at www.hawkesburyheating.com.au, and visit www.mavbuilthomes.com.au for more information.

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