May 6, 2014

On Sunday 27th April 2014 Bona Vista Park, a $500,000 large open parkland in the heart of Vermont, was officially opened. The attendance was outstanding with families from the community enjoying the autumn day and park together.

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Along with many families, Kim Ford – Mayor of Hawkesbury, Ray Williams – State Member for Hawkesbury, Bart Bassett – ex Mayor of Hawkesbury and Keith Johnson – Managing Director of Johnson Property Group were present for the special occasion. But it was local girl, little Isabella Humberstone, who cut the ribbon and opened Bona Vista Park for everyone to enjoy.

Keith Johnson said, “I am so proud to handover Bona Vista Park to the Hawkesbury City Council but more importantly to the families and children of Vermont and the Pitt Town Community. It is my dream to create communities where families can spend more time together and I’m certain that Bona Vista Park will enable just that.”

With the weather holding out, the coffee beans flowing and the sausages sizzling, the 6.6 acres of Bona Vista Park turned into a sea of happy children.

“The children are climbing, swinging, playing and laughing all over the equipment. You can’t ask for more than that.” Added Keith Johnson.

With a park this size there was room for pony rides, face painting and a petting zoo and these were the only things that could pull the children off the play equipment momentarily.

Julie Sullivan from Julie’s Kitchen Made With Love was on hand offering delicious tastings to everyone. Julie is a local who is the queen of pickling. If it is fresh, organic and can be put in a jar, Julie can do it. Lynwood Country Club ran a golf clinic in their inflatable driving range and taught the kids (and some big kids) how to swing a club.

A gold coin donation was collected on the day and together we raised over $2,500, which was donated to Pitt Town Public School to go towards their much needed shade area.

Bona Vista Park is home to an adventure playground that combines classic favourites and exciting new equipment, including a 4 metre climbing net, bird nest swing and bull-ride. Pathways run through the park for scooters and bikes, and there are picnic areas with shelter and free eco BBQ facilities. All which will ensure that families will enjoy Bona Vista Park for many years to come.

Expect more at Vermont

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