October 21, 2014

By Kirsten Craze 

MODEL, entrepreneur and Newcastle girl Jennifer Hawkins is not just spruiking Lake Macquarie’s latest property development for the appearance fee alone. “Lake Macquarie is where I spent most of my time,” she said during a launch event at Cafe Sydney this week. “We had a house on the Lake there, well, my pop did anyway. We had such an amazing lifestyle and when I saw plans for Trinity Point it brought back all these memories. I just wanted to be a part of it, so it wasn’t just the cheque. It was a passion, I wanted to be involved.”

Trinity Point is the latest project from the Johnson Property Group. The lakeside estate is a coastal marina development that will feature 190 residential portfolios, 250 luxury tourist and residential apartments and a boutique hotel.

The centrepiece of Trinity Point is a 188-berth marina on the pristine shores of Australia’s largest saltwater lake. “The vision for Trinity Point has always been to reimagine life, to create a vibrant and inspirational world-class destination” said Keith Johnson, the founder and managing director of the Johnson Property Group.

Trinity Point Website

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