October 21, 2014

Ten years on from being dubbed Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins’ glittering crown is not slipping any time soon.

Named last week as the ambassador for Johnson Property Group’s $388 million Trinity Point development on Lake Macquarie, Hawkins says she is grateful for everything that has happened as a result of claiming the Miss Universe title.

‘‘You can never know what you will be doing. But I’ve worked hard. Everyone gets out what they put in,’’ she says. ‘‘I definitely look at everything and go ‘wow’, it feels nice.’’

Jennifer and builder husband Jake Wall moved into their latest project, their new home in North Curl Curl, three weeks ago.

‘‘It has been a pretty hectic time. We’re going to be here for a while; I love it,’’ she says. ‘‘It’s weird, we’ve moved a lot. Way back from when I

was renting and we’d move from one place to the next. We’re in and settled finally.’’

The big move coincided with the beginning of filming for Australia’s Next Top Model so Hawkins did what any other girl would do, she asked her mum Gail to help her move in.

‘‘Mum came and stayed a few nights and helped me organise everything. You always need your mum’s help. The bottom line is, we’ve moved in, it’s our home, it’s our private sanctuary. I love

Curl Curl, I love this area.’’
With a love of design, Hawkins had plenty of

input with Koichi Takada Architects on the plans of their new home.

‘‘I find that lots of fun. Jake, he obviously builds, but he’s interested in the architectural side as well,’’ she says.

Property investment and development has long been a hobby for Hawkins.

‘‘In the beginning it was an investment thing, investing my money wisely, it was the right thing to do when I was jumping into this industry. Then the design side really attracted me and I find it really enjoyable, to be honest.

‘‘You have a team of people and you start from scratch and then you have the plans and then you’re in this amazing house. It feels really rewarding, it is enjoyable and it does interest me.’’

Hawkins says Top Model has a different vibe this year, following the suicide of co-host Charlotte Dawson earlier this year.

‘‘It feels like a different show. Everyone has grieved in their own way. Everyone speaks about her in such a positive light,’’ Hawkins says. ‘‘Charlotte would like us to make a great show.’’

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