November 11, 2014

A confluence of good-looking elements is coming ashore at the blissfully unpretentious, pristine Lake Macquarie.

Trinity Point, a Johnson Property Group development, will be a force to be reckoned with from a property point of view, as much as a tourism option.

The project comes from the heart and mind of Keith Johnson, managing director of Johnson Property Group, who despite the immense scope of this proposal remains a most humble man, who has fought to deliver what he describes as a world-class development.

The marine centred plan includes 190 non-cookie-cutter residences that range from villas to apartments all offering access to a breathtaking locale. Residents will be able to wander romantic boardwalks, visit the 180-berth marina, dine in a luxurious restaurant or (heaven forbid), visit the business centre. However, as the residences are to be designed by the hugely talented, Vince Squillace, there’s a good chance folks won’t budge from their water view terraces — feet up, glass in hand.

At just 88 minutes (not to be exact or anything) north of the CBD this will be a “doable” option for those looking for an escape route from Sydney that doesn’t require a cut lunch and a compass to find. The hard part will be making yourself do the return trip.

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New South Wales is beset with areas named after Governor Lachlan Macquarie — and for generations we have struggled with the spelling. 
Lake Macquarie is a breathtaking 110 square kilometre expanse of saltwater, the largest coastal saltwater lake in the country. At last count there were 200,849 residents in the City of Lake Macquarie, with industry stats shared between retail, manufacturing and health. However it is a distinctly youthful area, with the average age sitting just above 40 and families looking at a weekly income of about $1100. The area falls within a zone rich with employment and education opportunities, being close to the urban hub of Newcastle. The University of Newcastle and the Hunter Institute of Technology offer a range of benefits just north of the city, and medical facilities are good including the Ramsay Health Care Lake Macquarie Private Hospital. However the fun to be had here is just as notable. It’s a lifestyle locale, and the lifestyle is pretty darn fine.

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