April 15, 2015


DEVELOPER Keith Johnson says it is full steam ahead for the $388 million Trinity Point marina project, after the Planning Assessment Commission approved changes to the concept plan.

“This is the green light,” Mr Johnson said. He said the concept plan was a big decision, which complainants should accept.

“The controversy is over at Trinity Point and now we can move forward,” Mr Johnson said.

Lake Macquarie City Council is assessing a development application for the project, which the joint regional planning panel will determine. The proposal includes 198 residential lots, 250 tourism and residential apartments, a 60-room hotel, restaurant, cafe, 300-seat conference centre and 188 marina berths.

The commission approved changes to the marina aspect of the development on Tuesday, a fortnight after a public meeting in Bonnells Bay heard from three community groups who criticised the project. The changes relax previous restrictions on vessel sizes and include changes to design, public access and staging of the marina.

In the commission’s determination, Abigail Goldberg acknowledged community concern, but said she was ‘‘ satisfied’ ’ the Department of Planning had considered this.

The commission introduced conditions to its approval, but Morisset Park and District Action Group president Tom Dumbrell said they didn’t seem to have significantly altered things.

‘‘ The major issue we’re concerned about is really the planning process, and the fact that the development has not been treated as an integrated whole,’’ Mr Dumbrell said.

He said the marina was “one part of the development” , but residents were concerned about the overall impact.

Mr Johnson said the project would provide great benefit to Lake Macquarie.

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