May 15, 2015


WITH a price tag of $1 million and a top speed of 280km/h, this superboat is not your average Lake Macquarie vessel.

The new boat was christened on Thursday with a bottle of champagne at Marmong Point Marina, before being launched into the lake.

With this, came an announcement that the Trinity Point marina project – planned in south Lake Macquarie –would sponsor the vessel.

The Maritimo vessel will race in this weekend’s Newcastle Harbour Fuelarama – the first leg of this season’s Offshore Superboat Championships.

The boat’s pilot Darren Nicholson opened the throttle off Speers Point on Thursday, showing the vessel’s immense capabilities.

Mr Nicholson said it was ‘‘the first time a class one offshore superboat has been on Lake Macquarie’’. Asked what it was like to be behind the wheel ,Mr Nicholson said wryly: ‘‘You stay awake’’.

In truth, pilots need immense concentration and focus. It’s a dangerous sport. The vessels were known as the ‘‘Formula Ones of the sea’’.

There’s oxygen onboard and an escape hatch for emergencies. Mr Nicholson said he ‘‘used to sail, but I’ve come across to the dark side’’.

Les Binkin, designer of the Trinity Point marina said Trinity’s sponsorship of the boat was ‘‘a good opportunity’’ to promote the planned marina and Lake Macquarie. He said the boat would be ‘‘seen all over the world’’ during races, along with TV coverage on SBS, Foxtel and United States TV screens.

Johnson Property Group is planning the $388 million Trinity Point marina project at Morisset Park.

The company’s sales and marketing director Braden Johnson said the boat sponsorship reflected Trinity Point’s aim to ‘‘make Lake Macquarie a destination’’.

Racing starts on Newcastle foreshore at 1pm Saturday and 11am Sunday.

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