Watagan Park

Lakes Mail: Record land sale price achieved at Watagan Park, Cooranbong

April 18, 2016

By David StewartApril 18, 2016, 9:37 a.m A SYDNEY couple has paid a record $288,888 for a block of land in Watagan Park, Cooranbong. The sale exceeds by $20,000 the residential community’s previous highest sale price for a block. The 870-square-metre block was purchased by married couple, Penelope Jackson and Luke Cuscuna, of Dural, who said... Read More >


July 28, 2015

Johnson Property Group’s proposal to build a state of the art Recycled Water Centre at Cooranbong has been given the green light by Lake Macquarie City Council. Last night, Monday July 27, councillors voted six to five to approve the $2.5 million centre, which will service 2,500 new homes within the Watagan Park community. Councillor... Read More >

Newcastle Herald: One flush will go with Flow

June 2, 2015

By DAMON CRONSHAW IT’S called flush and forget. That is, the long-time practice of flushing away wastewater and not giving it another thought. But those days could be coming to an end, says a company set to use new recycling technology in the Hunter. The company, Flow Systems, is using this technology in Sydney to... Read More >

Unpack these moving tips

May 5, 2015

Moving can be one of the biggest journeys there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But the road is always easier if you’re traveling with a good map. Get a head start by planning and seeing moving as an opportunity to organise and purge. To help you get on your way we have put together... Read More >

HOME TRUTHS: Why building is cheaper than buying

November 13, 2014

To buy or to build? It’s the question every homebuyer needs to ask. But when you answer it, consider the true cost of buying an existing home. Here are the Home Truths on why building is cheaper than buying.

The best things in life are free

October 16, 2014

At Watagan Park, we live for imagination, get-up-and-go, exploring nature, trying new things and building forts out of sticks. The best things in life are free, and there are a tonne of best things here, starting from the grass in your own backyard, to natural bushland, trees, trails, picnic spots, lookouts, waterfalls, lakes, beaches to... Read More >

Nature’s Playground APP now live

September 25, 2014

Exciting times as we present the new Nature’s Playground APP. We developed this community APP to encourage families to spend more time together outdoors exploring. The APP gives you and your family the insider’s tour of the Watagan Mountains and Lake Macquarie area. Complete with an in-app GPS locator that can guide you and your... Read More >


August 14, 2014

Borrowing for your land purchase and house construction doesn’t need to be daunting, but borrowing to purchase land and home construction is a little different to getting a mortgage for an established home. Here are 10 tips to consider.


July 31, 2014

Buying land to build your new dream home is an exciting journey and different to purchasing an existing home. If you're new to this land, building thing then here are ten tips when buying land.

Where to build: How location affects your lifestyle

July 17, 2014

The old saying, “location, location, location” still stands true when you’re looking for land to build your new family home. Where to build your new home, is one of the most important decisions you and your family will make, as location and the surrounding area will have a dramatic impact on the lifestyle you live. When... Read More >