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Location: Pitt Town Why is Vermont different to other land release sites? The Vermont master-planned estate provides the perfect combination of accessibility to city living and the healthy lifestyle of a rural setting. Vermont’s footprint encompasses five different precincts, Blighton, Riverland, Central, Bona Vista and Fernville. The next stage to be developed is within the Central precinct, providing… Read More >


Build a backyard haven

We should treat our outdoor spaces the same as our indoor spaces in terms of creating different spaces and functional dynamics, says Matt Leacy. “The same way that you have a kitchen area, a casual lounge area and a playroom indoors, you can create equivalent areas outdoors that serve the same purposes and help you… Read More >


Kitchen tools for busy children

Cool down with cool moulds Summer is here and that means HEAT – hot summer days! There’s nothing better than munching on a homemade icy pole to cool down. These clever shapes means each one slides out easily, and the handle has a built-in drip guard for mess-free fun! Choose from designs including rockets, bugs,… Read More >


Confessions of a happy ‘drunk’

Dr Harvey Karp, pediatrician and child development expert says that half of all new parents get fewer than six hours of broken sleep a night – a level of sleep deprivation that causes the same mental impairment as being drunk. If that’s the case, I have been tipsy for a lot longer than I’d like… Read More >


Pitt Town childcare centre wins award

Pitt Town Early Learning Centre, located in the new Vermont estate, has won the award for the Most Outstanding Childcare Centre in the Hawkesbury. Principal Elizabeth Sheridan was awarded the accolade at the Hawkesbury Business Awards, which acknowledge outstanding local businesses and their people who go above and beyond, say the judges. Elizabeth and director… Read More >


Cool things to do with kids

Cooking with your kids in the school holidays is a wonderful activity to get them busy. Here are three simple recipes from James Clode, of Dad’s Apron, that are easy enough for the kids to help with or even make themselves… if you don’t mind a little mess! Double choc cookies These super chocolatey cookies… Read More >


Six top tips to beat the heat

As summer approaches, Russell has plenty of tips for people wanting to keep their garden looking nice in the heat. Use mulch to shield the soil from the summer sun, conserving moisture and keeping the root zone cool. Make sure to weed as they rob the garden of moisture and nutrients. Plant hardy seasonal colour… Read More >


How to create a beautiful garden

If you’re looking to create a beautiful garden, then Wyee Nursery Manager Russell Brown is a handy man to know. Starting his career as a landscape contractor, including work at Wyee Nursery, he was eventually offered a job at the well-known nursery and hasn’t looked back since. “My main role is nursery manager, I oversee… Read More >


The time to harvest and barbecue

What’s happening in the garden? I am loving my vegetable garden thanks to my experiment with trench composting during winter. The earthworms have multiplied and are doing all the hard work of aerating and fertilising. I’m harvesting beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes, yellow beans, English spinach, basil, parsley and carrots. Sugar cane mulch is keeping the… Read More >


Super day trips to delight the family

There’s so much to do with kids over the school holidays, right on our doorstep! The whole family will have a fantastic day out at all these local attractions. Speers Point Park Just a short 30-minute drive from Watagan Park, Speers Point Park, right on the shore of Lake Macquarie, makes for a fantastic day… Read More >